Backflow Preventers

What is a backflow preventer and why do I need one?
A back flow preventer is required on all commercial buildings and residential multi-family buildings with three or more units.

Backflow can occur when the water pressure on one side of a water system drops. Naturally, it causes the other side to equalize, which then creates a problem if your building is connected to a public water source.

The water pressure in your line can drop, if for example, there is a water main break, a fire hydrant is used to put out a fire, or simply a loss of pressure due to another issue. There is then the possibility of contaminants backflowing into the public water system while the house side tries to equalize the pressure on the line.

Local Water Departments require backflow preventers to be installed on lines, annual testing, and a rebuild every fifth year to confirm proper functioning.

Jackson Plumbing, Inc. can install, test, and rebuild backflow preventers.

Our backflow services including the following:

  • We will contact you right before your device is due for a test or rebuild
  • We mail all completed forms to the proper Water Authority Entity
  • We mail you a copy of the completed reports
  • We keep detailed documentation in our files for your device