Terminology: Basin Faucets

Have you ever not called for service because you didn’t know how to describe your problem? It’s embarrassing to feel like you don’t know the right word to use! Here is a break-down of some basic basin terminology.

basin terminology

Moen Eva two-handle basin faucet

The above faucet is one we stock, the Moen Eva (model 6410). You can view this faucet on Moen’s website here.

Most people are familiar with the terms spout and handles. The spout is where the water is dispensed once the handles are turned. On the end of the spout is an aerator. The aerator serves numerous purposes: it prevents splashing, shapes the water in a consistent stream of pressure, and helps conserve water.

The Eva has lever handles; other handle styles are wrist blade and knob. The Eva has two handles. Always make sure to specify the number of handles your faucet has when calling for service.

Behind the faucet spout (you can just barely see it peaking out in this photo) is the lift rod. The lift rod is what you pull to stop up the sink drain. The lift rod connects to the pop-up, which is the circular drain stopper at the bottom of your sink basin. The top portion of the pop-up is pictured at the very bottom of the picture on the right side.

Now that you know the terms, let’s look at some possible diagnoses of your problem.

  • If your faucet is leaking water from the spout or from the handles, it probably needs a new washer (on an older faucet), seats & stems (internal components), or a cartridge (another internal component). Our plumbing trucks are stocked with rebuild kits for most name brand or basic faucets.
  • If you cannot lift the rod or the pop-up will not move, either the lift rod or the pop-up might be defective.

Still not sure you know the right basin terminology to use to describe your problem? It’s okay! You don’t need to feel embarrassed. The office staff can help you identify the problem. If necessary, you can even send us a photo of the faucet. We will help you understand the cause and will schedule an appointment for the repairs with one of our skilled technicians.