Ask The Plumber – Sweaty Pipes

Ask The Plumber – Sweaty Pipes

Why are my pipes and toilet sweating?


Our technicians often get asked why there seems to be condensation on their pipes and the tank of their toilet. It can be unnerving to see water collecting and not know what is causing this to happen. There are a couple or reasons for this problem.

First, pipes in your basement can collect condensation as the cold water comes into a humid or warm area. You may even see that there is an area on the floor that is damp or  dripping. The simple solution is to cover the area with pipe insulation. The insulation creates a barrier between the cold water and warm air. Similar to an insulated cup, one side of the glass is cool to the touch while the inside is warm or hot.

However, the condensation may just be a clue to another problem within your home. You may discover that a toilet or a faucet has been leaking or running in the house and needs repaired. Usually, you will be able to tell by examining a faucet whether it is leaking or dripping from the spout. Toilets and other hidden leaks can be a little more difficult to discover. Repairs to problems such as these will require the assistance and  training of professionals.

If you have any suspicions of problems or you see higher water bills, you may just want to give us a call so that we can help you diagnose the problem. It is always best to ask.